• These are the skills we are working on throughout the year.(Dates subject to change)

    Weeks of 8/24-9/11

     Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

    Weeks of 9/14-10/2

    Factors & Multiples & Multiplicative Comparison

    Weeks of 10/5-10/21

    Multiplication & Division

    Weeks of 10/26-11/13

    Fraction Equivalence & Comparing

    Weeks of 11/16-12/17

    Add and Subtract Fractions

    Weeks of 1/4-1/15

    Mulitply Fractions by Whole Numbers

    Weeks of 1/18-2/5

    Relate Fractions and Decimals

    Weeks of 2/8-2/26


    Weeks of 3/1-3/12

    Perimeter and Area

    Weeks of 3/22-4/9

    Two-Dimensional Figures

    Weeks of 4/12-4/30


    Weeks of 5/3-5/26

    Year in Review And 3rd Grade Data