Discipline at North Marion Middle School

  • Mr. Brian Fennewald , Assistant Principal of Discipline

    Mrs.Tamara Tucker, Dean 

    Mr. Scott Spangler, Dean


    Welcome to North Marion Middle School. We at NMMS are very proud of our students.  We continue to strive for academic excellence and we look forward to having another successful school year!

    The following links are to the NMMS Expectations presentations for the year:

    NMMS Online Student Expectations


    NMMS Face-to-Face Student Expectations



    Do what’s right

    Do your best

    Treat others the way you want to be treated




    In an effort to ensure student safety, NMMS is a “hands-off” school. Any horse playing, playful or purposeful, will be considered a major offense and will result in a Level 2 referral.



    It is our goal to promote increased instructional time. Therefore, it is important for students to be on time to school and to class. School starts at 9:20am. Therefore, students are expected to be in class before the tardy bell. Please continue to stress the importance of arriving to school and getting to class on time with your students. Regular tardies to school and class will result in disciplinary consequences.


    Student Expectations

    Please click on the link to view the Student Expectations Presentation. ALL students were guided through how we expect ALL students to behave and dress at North Marion Middle.



    We continue to solicit your support with our students. Parental reinforcement of skills taught at school is always helpful. We thank you in advance. The Discipline Office is the place to deliver, report, and look for missing items which are held in Lost and Found. Please place names inside jackets, lunch boxes, and other personal items. Parents can also come to the Student Management Office to pick up confiscated items. After 45 days, unclaimed items will be donated to charity.


    Students who need to use the phone to call home for transportation clarification or lunch money may use the phone in the Student Management Office. Dress code violators may also call for a change of clothing but will be asked to change and return to class instead of waiting in the discipline for a parent to bring a new clothing item. Students will NOT be allowed to call about forgotten assignments.


    Parents, we want to be proactive!! If you know of a potential problem, please call and share with us so we can work to prevent escalation. The direct number for the Student Management Office is (352) 671-6035.