• Hello everyone,

    Please bear with me as I'm still learning this digital technology. Hopefully, my website will be better, soon!


    Assignments are dated and usually due by the end of each week. They can be sent as attachments (scanned, or photographed) to my school email:



     If you are unable to print out hard copies, or do not have internet access, 1st Grade work packets are available, weekly, at the Emerald Shores front office.  At this time, we are not collecting the papers, so if you cannot email or scan, all I can advise is for you to hold on the the work, for now.


  • Your child should be independently reading at least 20 minutes every day.

    (Lately, I have been so impressed by the kids' desire to read! Ask them to read to you-- they are amazing)!

    If you need more books at home, let me know-- I will figure out a way to get them to you!!