Julio Martin ESE teacher (Support Facilitator)

  •   I have joined the Marion Oaks Elementary family with great academic expectations for all students I work with. As all teachers can attest, children naturally thirst for knowledge; they are natural learners. And as an exceptional education teacher, I know learning comes in all sorts of styles. It is said that ‘variety is the spice of life.’ It is so true that when learning is approached with curiosity, flexibility, and passion, we all end up winning.

     Presently, I’m collaborating with various grade levels in order to provide appropriate academic support to our exceptional student population. Teamwork and collaboration among educators is critical in providing instruction that targets specific academic needs. But the roots of long-term success don’t simply start or end there. I urge you to ponder on the beautiful African proverb that wisely states, ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child.’ The entire community must join in the circle journey of success our children must travel.

    During the coming weeks, distance learning will be the main avenue of contact between teachers and students as well as parent and teachers. As a support facilitator, I have the privilege of assisting your child in a variety of learning activities in math. Please note my schedule of support to your children, as well as the times I'm available for parent contact under:

    Course Information: Days and times you (parent) can contact me at the phone number below, or thoughmy school email.

    Please remember I'm here to support your child in their academic goals as delineated on their IEP.

    Hablo español y con mucho gusto le asistiré con las necesidades educacionales de su niño/niña. Llame al numero de teléfono y extensión que sigue.

    (352) 462-3816