Parents and Families, as we wind down our school year, first let me say thank you for

    your continued support during this time. I wanted to inform you of an upcoming Zoom

    lesson that I will provide with your child. This lesson is required by Florida State Statute

    (Rule 6A-1.-94123) to occur during the school year. The topic will be on Child Safety and

    Protection. Topics of the lesson will include: Safety Rules, Grown-up Buddies, “I mean

    business voice,” and dealing with strangers. I welcome you to attend the lesson so that

    you may have further discussions at home, if you wish. The lesson will occur on

    May 28, 2020 at 10:00 o’clock. If you have any questions or concerns, please do

    not hesitate to reach out to me.


    Topic: Teresa Kaham's Zoom Meeting

    Time: May 27 and May 28, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


    Join Zoom Meeting



    Meeting ID: 858 529 3212

    Password: 4925


    Week of 5/26-6/1/20

    Due 6/1/20  Please Complete


    Social Studies:  Good Citizens

    Standard(s): SS.1.C.2.4: Show respect and kindness to people and animals. 

      Log into your student desktop: Social Studies Weekly Week 5



    Science: Gravity

    Standard: SC.1.E 5.2 Explore the Law of Gravity by demonstrating that Earth's gravity pulls any object on or near Earth toward it even though nothing is touching the object.

    Stemscopes:  Log into your student desktop: go to e-textbooks at the bottom of the screen. Click on StemScopes.

    Stroll down to 1.E 5.2  Gravity

    Log into your student desktop

    Complete all assignment by answering the questions and turning it in on STEMscopes. 

     Read aloud 1.E 5.2   Gravity

    Multiple Choice Assessment 1.E 5.2  

    Please complete



    Standard: LAFS.1.RI.1.3 Describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.

     Task # 1    https://www.cpalms.org/Public/PreviewResourceStudentTutorial/Preview/122302

     Task #2         I Ready   Describe Connections Between Ideas   

    Task #3        I Ready    Describe Connections Between Events

    Continue:   please complete.



    Standard: 1.G.1.2 Compose two-dimensional shapes (rectangles, squares, trapezoids, triangles, half-circles, and quarter-circles) or three-dimensional shapes (cubes, right rectangular prisms, right circular cones, and right circular cylinders) to create a composite shape, and compose new shapes from the composite shape.


    Task # 1  Chapter 12. Lesson 4  and Equal Parts

    Task #2  I ready  Divide Shapes into Two Equal Parts

    Task #3  I ready  Divide Shapes into Four Equal Parts

    Continue:  Please Complete