• Throughout each week students will be expected to complete all their lessons for each day assigned. April 1-3 and April 6-10 have been uploaded already. Students can print the sheets and complete them or use a piece of paper and pencil to complete. Once finished, please take a picture with your cell phone and send it to me through classroom dojo, my email or my phone number. We also have paper packets available to all students who do not have internet. I will be taking a grade from 1 subject every week. This means 1 Math, 1 Reading, 1 Science and 1 Social Studies each week beginning April 13. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.




    Lets create a daily routine or some normalcy for our students

    • Read for 20 minutes each day
    • Complete one green and one blue lesson on IReady in Reading each day
    • Review and read fry word lists (Students should know what list they are on; there are 10 lists)
    • Complete one Math lesson each day on IReady
    • Write at least 5 sentences each day about something the students have accomplished for that day. (This can be done at the end of the day)
    • Check for assignments. We will have reading lessons and math lessons to complete each week. 
    • Keep the lines of communication open.
    • Access MyOn for reading books and Studies Weekly for social studies lessons. Students can access all these sites from their desktop portal.