6th Grade Intensive Math

  • Welcome to Mr. Hart's web page.

    -Your child has been placed in this class to help them grow even faster in 6th grade math. The more they attend class and  fully participate and engage in their learning; the more they will succeed. Many students who attend this class and give their full effort earn a level 3 on the FSA and do not need Intensive Math in 7th grade. 

    -Because this is an additional math class for your child; he/ she is correct that there is no homework for this class!

    - If you see a missing grade on the portal it is ok. The * means your child was absent that day and received no grade. That neither helps nor hurts their grade... but the more days they miss the harder it will be for them to do well on the tests! 

    **** While school has been suspended, a great way for your child to continue to grow and learn is to have them log in to mobymax.com   - they can go to the Math section and use the Math tile to pick up where they left off. Your child knows their username and password (we have used this website since the beginning of the year so they should remember). If they have forgotten then just email me and I will look it up for you. I recommend they do 45 minutes daily but if you prefer them to do more that's even better. ****

    I hope you stay well and to be back in school soon.