• Week 1  Assignments for Distance Learning (April 1 - 3; Due April 10th)  

    You can check off the each item as you complete each task if you print the page.

    __SANFORD HARMONY:    Click on the link to go to the web page for the question of the day! You will need to answer the question on the orange card and message me your answer daily through Dojo.

                            This link will take you to the webpage where you will find the lessons being posted from guidance! Once there, click on the day's date. There is a new question for each day.


    __SPECIALS - Art with Ms. Headley (Go to her website to get your activity; it is due 4-6.)


    1.  Listen to the Read aloud titled Bear Snores On. This can be found on Youtube. The link is below: 


    2.  Listen to Read aloud titled Looking at Bears. This can be found on Youtube. The link is below: 


    Complete the assignment that will be attached as a PDF, look under attached example. You will create a T-chart to compare (what is the same) and contrast (what is different) both stories and then attach a picture of your completed assignment in your Dojo portfolio. 

          T-Chart Example


    __MATH - (Go to your child's MCPS desktop, find the listed item on each line, and then click it.)

        Think Central (Math)

             My Library

                  1.) On the Spot Video Tutorial; Gk-6

                      Grade 1

                      Chapter 9

                      Lesson 9.6 (Watch the lesson.)

                  2.) Go Math! (FL MAFS Student Edition, G1)

                      Chapter 9

                      Pages 389-392; Lesson 9.6 (Please post a snapshot of the completed work in your Dojo portfolio.)

                  3.) Animated Math Models (optional)

                      Skill 41: 'Time to the Hour' (You will listen and watch this, if you choose to.)

    __SCIENCE - nothing for this week

    __SOCIAL STUDIES - Social Studies Weekly online; Click on your 'Studies Weekly' button from your Marion County desktop.  

    Access first grade to find the assigned week: # 14 Maps.

    Read the magazine, and answer the quiz questions on the magazine, by writing the numbered answers on a piece of paper.

    Submit the completed assignment by posting a picture on your classroom Dojo portfolio.  

    __READING PRACTICE - 20 minutes of daily reading: Please write the name of at least one of the books you read each day. 

    __iREADY READING - 46 minutes (Please try to do your best and pass your lessons!)

    __iREADY MATH - 46 minutes (Please try to do your best and pass your lessons!)