An Adventure with Technology and Learning...

  • Hello! Since we are beginning a new time that uses online learning I want to be here to help you in this new undertaking. I created this page to try and help make things clearer for now. PLEASE let me know if there is something you are wondering about or you would like to see possibly discussed on this page.

    PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK...I will be adding to this page and my other website areas as needed. 


    HOW?   Please use Class Dojo to message me. I will also use it to send specific feedback to students and families. You can also email me using the school email at

    WHEN?    Monday - Friday;  8:30-9:30 am  AND  1:30-2:30 pm,  I will be available and 'in the office' to answer questions and communicate. This does not mean that I won't be 'talking' with you at other times, but these are my dedicated times to be 'available.'  If you need to communicate in the evening because of your work schedule, please let me know and we will work something out. 


    HOW?   You will need an internet connection and some type of device to access the lessons. 

    WHAT'S THE SAME?    We will still be doing weekly iReady reading and math computer learning lessons for 46 minutes each week. (*There will still be times when we do 'growth checks' in iReady that need to be done before the time counts towards our weekly minutes.) We will probably also be having another iReady Diagnostic assessment towards the end of the year. 

    WHAT'S DIFFERENT?    The online lessons... will be posted on my teacher website under Distance Learning Lessons for you to do. When done, send a picture of the completed work or task to me on Class Dojo or through email. You will have a minimum of 7 days to complete each assignment. 


    Each assignment will include the required documentation that I will need to get or see to be able to verify that the work was done satisfactorily. It may be a picture of your child reading, a snapshot of completed work, a text message, or even a short conversation. 


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