Welcome to Ms. Paiz Class

  • Hello, We are well on the way to the start of a new school year. We have had a successful first week. I am glad to have met you all and look forward to being a wonderful team with your children. 

    A few reminders:

    - EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY!!! This is my philosophy and every child begins the day as OUTSTANDING.

    - Check your childs' binder daily. I also check them daily so if there is anything you need to send me or tell me, please put it in the binder. I have more luck returning email messages or notes than        phone calls so please keep that in mind. 

    - Happy faces are the expectation, that means they are following the rules, be safe, be responsible, be respectful and be an active learner. Changes in the face on their behavior sheet mean that I have had to address the issue multiple times. Please discuss any issues with the child and your expectations. 

    - Music is Tuesday and Art is Thursday  

    - PE & Recess are every day.

    - Children must wear proper shoes for PE

    - Children should know how to tie their own shoes. Please work on this at home.

    - Reading each night for 20 minutes. It is the expectation. It can be parent reading to child, with child or listening to the child read. On the back of the binder there are ways to assist them with building comprehension. 

    - Suggested practice is just that. Thought it is not required, all of these skills are expectations for kindergarten students. A little practice goes a long way. 

    I am looking forward to a great year!!

    Yours in Education

    Laura Paiz