Your child will still be receiving grades! I will be taking one grade, per subject, per week. To submit the tasks, please take a picture of this pages and send them to me as a personal message on class dojo, or an email. Please also include in the message or email what task it is.

     Online Components

    Your child is still expected to get 45 minutes on iReady Math and iReady Reading. More information is coming if you do not have a computer at home. Along with that, they are also supposed to read daily for 20 minutes. MyOn is a great resource with a wealth of books. You can find MyOn on your child’s Desktop. If you need login information, please let me know immediately. Social Studies will also be found on your child’s Desktop.


    I am still responsible for taking attendance everyday. To take attendance I will be asking a daily question on our Class Story on Class Dojo and on Google Classroom. Your child must respond to this question by 8:00 PM every weekday. They do not need to respond to both DOJO and Google Classroom. They may choose which option works best for them. The questions will be solely based on their opinion and will not be difficult for them. They are meant to hopefully cause conversation between the students. If your child has not answered the questions by 8:00 PM each day they will be marked absent and I do not have the ability to go back and change it the next day. Keep in mind I have to notify administration if I do not hear from your child on these questions for 3 consecutive days.

     Weekly tasks

    The first week of distance learning is going to be April 1st – April 3rd.

    During that time your child will have (1) ELA task, (1) Math task & (1) Social Studies Task. After that the weeks will be regular Monday – Friday. During those weeks you child will be assigned (3) ELA Tasks, (3) Math Tasks, (1) Science Task and (1) Social Studies Task.  Visit Ms. Wood's website for information on math and science.

     How can I contact my friends?

    We will have a weekly Zoom meeting where I can answer any questions, socialize and have a chance to see some of your classmates! You can also interact with them on our daily attendance Class Dojo Class Story/ Google Classroom discussion question! I will send out a Dojo message with a code to join this meeting.  Class meetings for my homeroom class/block 1 will be help on Thursdays at 10:30 and my block 2 class(Ms.Wood's homeroom) will be on Tuesdays at 10:30.

    What if I need help?

    You have a couple different options.

    -Message me on Class Dojo

    -Email me  at wendy.earnest@marion.k12.fl.us

    Call me at 352-405-1703