Guidance Department

  • Guidance and counseling services are available to all students at Forest High School. The goal of the Guidance Department at Forest High School is to work cooperatively with parents, teachers, and administration in order to develop the maximum potential in our students. The school counselor's primary task is to help each student become a better learner by providing individual counseling and academic/vocational advisement.


Guidance Services

  • Academic Advisement

    A large portion of the Guidance Counselor's time is spent with academic counseling. This includes activities such as course scheduling, new enrollments, credit checks, college advisement, study skills development, dual-enrollment activities, scholarships/ financial aid information, and classroom presentations.

    Liaison Services

    The referral/liaison segment of our guidance department includes roles such as: a conciliator between students, parents, teachers, and administrators; a guide to outside community programs and resources; and a liaison with military, college, and vocational school representatives who visit regularly throughout the year. Forest High School encourages parent-teacher conferences. Please call the school Guidance Office to arrange a conference with teachers (671-4700).

    Personal Counseling

    Short-term counseling is provided for all students, as needed. Although the counselors do not provide long-term, intensive therapy or psychiatric evaluations, they advise and refer students and parents to outside agencies and professionals. Because personal emergencies do arise during school, counselors are available to aid in crisis situations that involve students.

Guidance Staff