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    2022-2023 NMMS "Back to School" Info:


    Orientation for all students will be on Monday, August 8th from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.  A separate Cambridge Orientation will take place directly following,  from 11:00-11:30 am.  Full student schedules will not be available at Orientation, but Homeroom (1st period) Teachers will be identified.  It is at this Homeroom class, on the 1st day (8/10), that students’ full schedules will be given to them.     


    When you visit this year, you will notice that NMMS is undergoing a pretty significant construction project.  The project is going to completely replace the HVAC system in the entire school, among other things.  This project will continue through next summer (summer of 2023), with minimal interruption to the normal school day.  The work that will be done within the school year will take place in areas where students are not, and on weekends and holidays.  Any changes to normal operating procedures, due to construction needs, will be communicated to everyone in a timely manner.   

    School Start Date/Time:

    The first day of school will be on August 10, 2022.  School begins at 9:20 am, and ends at 3:50 pm.  No 7th graders can start on the first day, if they do not have proof of immunizations. 

    School Supplies:

    We do not have a comprehensive school supply list for every student.  Individual teachers will let students know on the first day what supplies are needed for their class.  Until then, students will just need very basic supplies for the first day (pencils, paper, folders, etc.)  Regular backpacks are allowed.

    Bus transportation Info:

    Bus transportation info is located on the main MCPS website, at www.marionstudents.net .  Look for the “Bus Schedule” icon on the left-hand side of the front page.  Once you click on the Bus icon, it will take you to a screen where students’ bus route information is located (when it becomes live).

    Cell Phones (and similar wireless devices):

    Cell phones may be in the possession of students on campus but cannot be visible or activated during regular school hours. This includes earbuds, air pods, and headphones.

    Dress Code:

    Undergarments should not be visible at any time. No bare-midriff, sleepwear, muscle shirts, or tank tops will be worn. Shorts, skirts, and dresses will be mid-thigh or longer. Rips/holes in jeans or shorts will be mid-thigh or below or have clothing underneath. Hats, head coverings, or bandanas are not to be worn at school. It is still a violation if the item is worn under a jacket that may be opened.  Shoes need to have a hard bottom and closed toe. 

    Student Management/Discipline Info:

    • Bullying and Harassment:Zero tolerance; may lead to suspension, alternative placement, expulsion, and/or arrest.
    • Disrespect/Insubordination: Florida State Law - A teacher may remove from class a student whose behavior the teacher determines interferes with the teacher's ability to communicate effectively with the students in the class or the ability of the student's classmates to learn (may include disruptive talking, profanity, yelling/screaming, and/or failure to follow directions)
    • Physical Contact:Students may not engage in inappropriate physical contact. This includes horseplay (rough or rowdy play; pranks), play fighting, pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping, kicking, and spitting on/at another person).


    Update Emergency Information through Family Access

    Free/Reduced Lunch Application

    Striving for academic excellence in student performance.


    North Marion Middle school will provide a quality academic program that prepares students to become responsible and successful in our global society.


    North Marion Middle School is located in the northern end of Marion County and students live in the surrounding communities. The population for the 2011-2012 school year is 803 students. The racial/ethnic composition is 49% Caucasian, 31% African American, 15% Hispanic and 5% other racial and ethnic groups. Seventy-five percent of the students qualify for free/reduced lunches, which makes our school a Title I school.


    The school staff consists of three administrators, 60 instructional staff members and 36 support staff members. 76% of the instructional staff is Majority and 24% are Minority.


    A primary academic goal is for students to be proficient in reading, mathematics, science, and writing as measured by the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). Grade level teachers will determine specific strategies to meet these goals.


    Computers are in every classroom and Internet access is available to every teacher. In addition, we have a 32-station computer lab for student use. We have implemented a 21 station Success Maker Learning Lab for students who need remediation.


    North Marion Middle recognizes the critical contribution made by its parents and will work with them to ensure student success. These objectives are a result from a needs assessment as determined by staff, parent, and student surveys, as well as FCAT scores.


    North Marion Middle's school colors are gold and garnet. Our mascot is a colt.


    Our business partner is Ocala Fiber.


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