• Instructions for completing your OJT Timesheet:

    All timesheets MUST be completed using the provided spreadsheet. No handwritten timesheets will be accepted.


    You may type it at home OR you may use the computers in the media center or in D135.


    1. Click the Timesheet link to download the timesheet file to your computer.
    2. When you open the file, you will notice a series of tabs at the bottom of the window. Be sure to click on the appropriate tab. You will know you have the right tab, if the dates on the timesheet you are filling in are the correct dates.
    3. Be sure to fill in the information at the top of the form: Name, Student ID, and Birth date. (Birth date is very important in order for the hours calculations to work correctly.)
    4. Enter the time you started work and ended work on each day that you worked. 
    5. For 5:00 in the evening, enter 5 pm or 5:00 pm. 
    6. For 11 in the morning, enter 11 am or 11:00 pm.
    7. You should notice the hours pop in on the right. Keep in mind, this automatically calculates the state-required breaks if you are under 18 years of age.
    8. Be sure to save your file.

    For questions, contact your OJT coordinator through email at Mrs. Shockley see her in D135 for more assistance.