About Our School

  • "Home of the Colts"

    151 W Hwy 329

    Citra FL 32113

    352-671-6010 (P)

    352-671-6011 (F)

    Colors: Garnet & Gold

    Mascot: Colts

    School Profile

    North Marion High School is located in Marion County, Florida. This beautiful Central Florida area is the home to many of Florida's finest horse farms. North Marion High is located 12 miles north of Ocala and 22 miles south of Gainesville. Daytona Beach and Orlando are both within a short drive. North Marion High has the largest geographic attendance area in the Marion County School District.


    North Marion High school was built in 1963. It started as one building. Since that time it has evolved into five buildings and a gymnasium. Three of the buildings are two-story containing forty-three classrooms and a media center. The main building consists of eighteen classrooms, seven computer labs, a band room, multipurpose room, and cafeteria. All the administrative offices are also located in the main building. We also have a vocational wing with seven classrooms, including two computer labs and an automotive shop area.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of North Marion High School is to prepare our students in an atmosphere of encouragement, enthusiasm and excellence for further education, future employment and effective citizenship.

    Vision Statement

    Engaging, enriching, and empowering today's students to become tomorrow's leaders.

    Core Values

    Hospitality - We create an atmosphere of support where people feel welcome, comfortable, and challenged to learn and grow.

    Hard Work - We are committed to excellence in all we do.  Our high expectations and data driven decisions are reflected in our work ethic, personal pride at school, and in our community.  We strive to exceed everyone’s expectations with both effort and results.

    Stewardship - We do what is in the best interest of the student, family, school, and community.  We treat all resources as ours to nourish and protect.

    Creativity - We encourage and embrace innovation, risk taking, and “out-of-the-box” thinking for the purpose of finding a better way.