• Welcome Students and Parents:

    In light of our current Covid19 and our "Lock-down" situation, the District has issued certain directions for instructions for all grade Levels and we are now posting our Lessons on our Web pages. As we continue working with this new system this week, please remember we will be working with two grade Levels at a time in 5 day Rotation periods. Our Third and Final Rotation begins the week of May 11th - 29th and we will begin again with Kindergarten and 1st grade with their LAST Art Assignments.***Parents and students please remember that ALL grade levels' Art works are due by: May 28th, 2020!!! 

    ***PARENTS and STUDENTS don't forget to contact me at:


    ***SEE LAST SPECIALS ROTATIONS SCHEDULES BELOW!!! We have also been instructed by our Administrators to have a plan for parents to be able to contact me to let me know their student has completed their work. Because I have been getting confirmation from multiple grade levels at all times of day and night, parents and students can continue to do that through my school email which is: mary.abbott@marion.k12.fl.us, however I may not get back to you until the next morning. Also, I am leaving all my Lesson Plans on my grade Level Web pages for the rest of the school year, in case some parents and students have been unaware of where I am putting my Lessons, so they will still be available to them. *** I am sure parents will have concerns and may not have a means of sending me a view of their child's finished art work. A simple email at my above school address confirming they did their work is fine. Please see the link below for a chart of the Updated weekly Rotation schedules. Also,+++I am now adding both PDF files and Word Documents to all my Lesson Plans for those parents that have computers that might not be compatable.

    Mrs. Abbott- Art teacher

    Parents and students Please see NEW Rotations for May and June below and the Superintendent's Art Display!!!

    Special Learning Distance Calendar May- June PDF

    Special Distance Learning Calendar May-June Doc

    Superintendent's Art Display at the Appleton Museum