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  •  Frequently Asked IB Questions for June 2020


    1. When/where do I return my textbooks?

    Please contact Mr. Jones, as the textbook collection day has passed. He can be reached at or 352-671-4900.


    2. Where do I find the Summer Assignments?

    As of June 5th, these are posted under "Summer 2020 Assignments".


    3. Will there still be an IB Orientation before school starts?

    Yes. Our tentative plan is to host IB Orientation for the incoming IB Class of 2024 the afternoon of Thursday, July 30th directly following our morning Freshman Preview session. It is imperative students make every attempt to attend. For students joining the IB Class of 2023 or 2022 for the first time, your "orientation" is still TBD. All plans are subject to change, per the DOE and School Board.


    4. Where do I find the Volunteer or Community Service Form?

    The Community Service Log form is hyperlinked for you under "CAS/Community Service". Please email Mrs. Raym with questions about volunteer hours. If you have completed forms, you may scan and email them to Mrs. Shaw, or you may hold them until we return to school in the fall.





    Welcome Home  




    Kylie in St. Augustine

    "Thank you so much for the field trip we had today!

    It was honestly one of the best field trips I have ever been on

    and one of the best events I have experienced, so far, in life!

    It was very beautiful and fun as well as informative!"

    ~ Kylie K. ~ Pre-IB World History student ~ St. Augustine ~



    Vanguard IB



    Emily C  

    Vanguard IB Diploma Graduate Testimonial:

         I was a Vanguard IB student from 2008 to 2012. Today, I'm writing this from the library at National Taiwan University, located in Taipei, where I have received a scholarship to study intensive advanced Mandarin Chinese. Without IB, none of this would have been possible. I remember struggling to keep up with classes and tests while also preparing for IB exams and thinking, "What have I done?" While the workload was heavy, I felt like I had total support through the community of teachers, parents, and friends that make the IB family. I remember thinking how horribly cheesy it was when people talked about the "IB Family" ... it turns out the people I FaceTime from overseas, the people who have visited me and who I send postcards to everywhere I go are those people in that family.

         When I got to college, not only was I prepared for the workload, but I saved a lot of money because my IB credits were worth a year of credits at the University of Florida. I graduated early with highest honors, studied abroad in Beijing, China, then Taipei, Taiwan. I went on to get my master's degree in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, then interned at NPR in Washington, DC. Looking back, IB taught me how to work hard, balance my time, and most importantly, build a community to lean on when I needed help.

    ~ Emily Cardinali

      Vanguard IB


    Vanguard IB Parent Testimonial:

         I can't say enough about how much impact the IB program has had on Anna. She has blossomed into an amazing young woman, and her horizons have been expanded beyond our wildest dreams mainly because of the encouragement and inspiration of the teachers and general philosophy of the IB program.

         She has challenged herself, and has been challenged by some fo the finest teachers I have ever had the pleasure to deal with - and I am in the education system. Her teachers truly care about her educational experience, they are looking at the WHOLE student, not just the math grade, or literature grade, or science grade ...

         Our family loves and appreciates that the IB students are also challed to embrace a service component. It helps them see that there is so much more in the world outside of their own four walls.

         I highly recommend the IB program at Vanguard for any family that wants their student to be well-rounded, challenged, inspired, loved, and successful!

    ~ Susan Mitchell


    IB Diploma Programme Parent Testimonial Video:

    The value of an IB education with Stanford University’s Debra Von Bargen


     50 YEARS





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     Vanguard IB: Local Education, Global Experience


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    Vanguard IB Alumni Testimonials Link ---> What Vanguard IB Did For Me 






    Vanguard IB Office Contacts:

    For assistance or questions, please contact the IB office at (352) 671-4908. 




    The International Baccalaureate Diploma program is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the needs of the highly motivated secondary school student. Designed as a comprehensive curriculum that allows its graduates to fulfill requirements of the various national system of education, the IB program is based on the pattern of no single country. It provides students of different linguistic, cultural, and educational backgrounds with the intellectual, social, and critical perspectives necessary for the adult world that lies ahead of them.


    The education of the “whole person” takes on a special significance as we enter the twenty-first century when knowledge continues to expand dramatically; when advanced technologies and global economies have tied together vastly different cultures; when the world is bound too closely for provincial ideologies to guide political thought; when to exist in a world community requires appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity; and when cooperation alone will solve global problems. It is essential, therefore, that academic training provide students with the values and opportunities that will enable them to succeed in a competitive modern world.


    All IB diploma candidates are required to engage in the study of languages, sciences, mathematics, and social studies in the final two years of the secondary schooling. The high standards implicit in the IB examinations assume high levels of achievement and preparation during the Vanguard's pre-diploma in 9th and 10th grade. This program is a deliberate compromise between the preference for specialization in some countries and the emphasis on breadth often preferred in others. The intent is that students should learn HOW to learn, HOW to analyze, HOW to reach considered conclusions about people, their languages and literature, their ways in society and the scientific forces of the environment.


    Since the International Baccalaureate office was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1965, the IB program has grown to over 3,555 participating schools in over 144 countries. There are now over 1,412 member schools in the United States. Florida has 77 IB diploma schools with well over 7,116 students, second only to California.


    Students are often accorded advanced standing and college credit based on the IB work. For example, Florida universities award up to 30 credit hours for the IB diploma.


    The IB program began at Vanguard High School in 1994 with a 9th grade pre-diploma class of 50 students. Since then 18 classes have completed the program and graduated. Vanguard IB students have been accepted to Harvard, Boston, Cornell, Davidson, Duke, Emory, Furman, Stanford, Wake Forest, U.S. Naval Academy, University of Miami (6 year med program), NYU, Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and MIT. In the 2016-2017 school year there are 346 students enrolled in the program.