• Join a club or organization!

    Our purpose is to provide extra-curricular organizations and activities to permit all interested students an opportunity to participate. Below is a list of clubs and organizations. Unless otherwise indicated, clubs/organizations are open to all West Port High School Students.



    Student Membership Requirements:

    Students are encouraged to join and participate in clubs and organizations. Membership requirements are contained in each club's constitutions and by-laws; there are general requirements regarding eligibility for membership in any club or organization.

    In accordance with Marion County School Board and established school policies, certain requirements must be met by the individuals involved in activity programs.

    These are as follows:

    1. All students involved in activities must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA (9th and 10th graders may sign a "contract" in specific situations) and meet the club's requirements. Freshmen must have been "promoted" from 8th grade. Students may not have a fine on the "debt list".
    2. Students involved in any activities, whether on or off campus, are governed by the Marion County Code of Student Conduct.
    3. Students must complete a student participation and Parental Approval Form prior to joining any club.

    Student Participation Guidelines:

    In addition to the grade point average requirement, a good discipline and attendance record are important. A student is not to attend a club or school sponsored function on days when he/she has not attended school. It is the sponsor's responsibility to enforce this policy.


    Club Meetings & AP Review Sessions during ALPHA Time:



Clubs & Organizations

Club Name Sponsor Purpose Requirements Website
Academic Team emily.wilson@marion.k12.fl.us https://www.marionschools.net/Page/90099
African-American Club brenda.mullin@marion.k12.fl.us
Ambassadors victoria.craig@marion.k12.fl.us To help incoming freshman student acclimate to high school life. Teacher recommendation and application. https://www.marionschools.net/Page/54919
Anchor Club Inactive 2021-22
Army JROTC Robert.Irick@marion.k12.fl.us Educational, PE, leadership, and character development 2.0 GPA, good discipline record. All Grades (9-12) https://www.marionschools.net/domain/2858
Art Club (MCCA) jennifer.moore@marion.k12.fl.us To provide students enrolled in MCCA Art classes an opportunity to work on artistic endeavors, to learn more about art outside of school by participating in Annual Gallery Night, Art Fest and events throughout the year. Students must be enrolled in Marion County Center for the Arts (MCCA) 2D Art classes. Students must have a 3.0 overall GPA to join. Members are required to attend meetings, volunteer for events, and promote their love of Art. https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/15431
Band rodney.vance@marion.k12.fl.us
Ceramics gregory.smith@marion.k12.fl.us
Chorus (MCCA) jennifer.gonzalez@marion.k12.fl.us https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/13284
Criminal Justice bernard.smith@marion.k12.fl.us To introduce members to Public Service Occupations and explore The Criminal Justice System operating in The State of Florida Students must be enrolled in a public service program or class.
Dance (MCCA) justine.mcdaniel@marion.k12.fl.us https://www.marionschools.net/Domain/13354
Debate chandler.reeder@marion.k12.fl.us The Debate club is organized for the purpose of improving students' ability to research and organize information, think critically, and speak in public. Members will learn the basics of argumentation and debate of the Lincoln Douglas format.
Drama shannon.singley@marion.k12.fl.us To provide students enrolled in drama classes an opportunity to perform in theatrical productions, to learn more about theatre outside of school by attending public performances, and to participate in district and state competitive events sponsored by the Florida Thespian Society. Students must be enrolled in the Marion County Center for the Arts Acting, Musical Theatre, or Technical Theatre programs and membership in the troupe is mandatory for these students. Students in the West Port High School Drama classes are also encouraged to join. Dues $35 per year.
Ecology victoria.craig@marion.k12.fl.us To promote environmental awareness and community service. Any student can be a member. At least 2.0 GPA. https://www.marionschools.net/Page/49736
Engineering Denisa.Bethea@marion.k12.fl.us To introduce students to basic concepts of engineering through hands-on construction and cutting-edge technology. The club promotes the discovery of simple and complex ideas to identify problems and solve them. Must be in Engineering program. https://www.marionschools.net/Page/60562
English National Honor Society jesse.preece@marion.k12.fl.us The National English Honor Society (NEHS), founded and sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, is the only national organization exclusively for high school students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. The Wolf Pack Chapter of NEHS exists to provide recognition, volunteer opportunities, and outreach to students in need of writing help through our writing tutoring program. Scholarships and international recognition through Sigma Tau Delta You must have a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in your current English course to join. Potential members must be enrolled at West Port for at least 1 semester, and must have completed at least 1 full year of a high school English course. Members are required to attend meetings, volunteer for writing tutoring sessions monthly, and promote their love of English and literature.
ESOL/Diversity Margarit.Cornier-Sagram@marion.k12.fl.us The purpose of the ESOL/Diversity Club is to give students the opportunity to share with, and learn from fellow classmates the richness of their ethnic and cultural backgrounds through social and informational activities, food and fun. Everyone is welcome.
Fantasy Football Arthur.parker@marion.k12.fl.us
Fellowship of Christian Athletes victor.boynton@marion.k12.fl.us Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization designed to help student-athletes grow spiritually and bring others to know Christ. F.C.A. is an interdenominational ministry that is Christ centered and Bible based. iPray - Join us as we pray for our friends, our school, and our country by the flagpole every Thursday morning. iPrayz- Join us for worship and a devotional as we connect with God before the school day every Friday morning.
Film Club shannon.wheeler@marion.k12.fl.us
Florida Future Educators of America (FFEA) From the FLDOE website: "The program provides a forum for students to become aware of career opportunities in education and nurtures their interest in teaching as a career" 2.0 GPA, teacher recommendation
French Club roman.bender@marion.k12.fl.us
Freshman Class kenneth.edmondson@marion.k12.fl.us To promote the ideals of democracy and the acceptance of all students. 3.0 GPA and teacher recommendation
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) denisa.bethea@marion.k12.fl.us Compete at the local, state, and national level in a variety of business related activities. 2.0 GPA and currently enrolled in a business class. Dues $12.00.
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) richard.gustavson@marion.k12.fl.us