Curriculum Overview




    Our major areas to work on this year:


    • Emphasis will be placed on mastery of basic math facts, extra support will be given to target sub groups during math instruction, graphic organizers will be utilized to illustrate concepts and student data/math vocabulary notebooks will be generated.
    • We will continue to implement the co- teach inclusion model in reading and math. Focus will be placed on student acceleration through the review of skills and remediation.


    In 2017-18, we will continue our focus on writing and application of graphic organizers. Emphasis will be placed on staff development and learning. Professional Learning Communities (Grade level meetings, committees, book studies) will offer teachers and staff individualized staff development tied to their IPDP, AYP data and specific student needs.


    School-wide, we are implementing instructional strategies that increase student engagement. On topic conversation between students about content helps them process and retain information.