Guidance and Counseling


    Official Records: If you need a copy of any document in your child's folder please contact the guidance department in advance. Failure to contact us in advance could result in a delay of receiving records. You MUST bring a valid ID to obtain copies of your child's record. If you are transferring out of Wyomina, your child's new school MUST request those records from us.


    • Help children understand themselves and others;
    • Help to identify children with special needs; Click here to read the explanation of the Multi Tiered Support System
    • Provide crisis intervention;
    • Develop plans to prevent academic/behavioral problems from developing;
    • Provide Character Education program;
    • Coordinate the efforts of other professionals working for children;
    • Provide orientation for children coming to Wyomina Park Elementary for the first time;
    • Promote positive attitudes toward persons of diverse cultural, racial, ability and socioeconomic backgrounds.


    Behavior Intervention Websites


    Counseling Resources

    1. The Centers (352) 291-5555
    2. Camelot Community Care (352) 671-7884
    3. Arnette House (352) 622-6335
    4. Children’s Home Society (352) 732-1412
    5. Kimberly’s Cottage (352) 873-4739
    6. Key Life Concept (407)579-5684
    7. The Monarch Center (Bereavement) (352) 873-7456


    Sleep is VERY important: Following a routine is the best way to get a good night sleep. Click here for a routine checklist.

    Sleep Hygiene: Click here for the sleep rules everyone should follow.