Curriculum Overview

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    The availability of an Instructional Focus Calendar is a standard practice within the district for reading, math and science. These calendars map the instruction of each benchmark and identify the window of testing for each Focus Calendar Assessment and District Benchmark Assessment. These calendars were initially mapped by teacher committees. Each spring teachers are surveyed for recommendations of improvement to the reading, math and science focus calendar.

     Teachers are then invited to participate in summer committee work where these recommendations are reviewed, along with the data from the calendar assessments and a draft of any adjustments is made. Once the calendars receive final approval they are available for download to the teacher's desktop at the start of the new school year. Assistant Principals are trained and in turn facilitate calendar implementation at their respective school sites.

    The expectation is that classroom instruction is planned around these calendars. The monitoring of them is achieved through Focus Calendar Assessments that have been identified for each of the targeted benchmarks and the data that monitored.

    It is the expectation that all lesson plans and daily instructional delivery are aligned to the Sunshine State Standards and follow the Instructional Focus Calendars. By complying with district expectations, each subject area automatically aligns across grade levels as each calendar was mapped in its initial design.


    Language Arts and Social Studies:

    Florida Standards

    This is an online resource that looks at the specific standards of what students are learning in the various grades.


    Studies Weekly

    Social Studies Weekly is a fun and engaging student magazine designed to help students imagine life in a historical context.  The periodical contains fun and challenging activities to support the Social Studies learning experience.  Social Studies Weekly has an online component that is available to classrooms upon selection by teachers.  Students can read online magazines, examine primary sources, and search for resources to support projects.  Communicate with your child’s teacher to determine if this product is available in their classroom.



    Wyomina was lucky enough to have a science lab included in the plans when they built our new buildings. The lab provides classes the opportunity to come in and work on hands on science inquiry lessons and develop real world problem solving skills using science concepts and knowledge. The facility is stocked with a wide array of tools and materials to use during these lessons.

    We utilize multiple resources to address the science standards. One of these resources is National Geographic (grades 3-5).

    Another resource we have access to is STEMscopes. This is an online resource the offers lessons using the 5 E’s of science.

    Engage – This part of the lesson presents an idea or question to the students.

    Explore – Hands on portion of the lesson

    Explain – Students explain their understanding of concepts and processes

    Elaborate – More activities that allow students to apply concepts and extend their understanding on a topic.

    Evaluate – These activities permit evaluation of the students’ understanding and the lesson effectiveness.

    We also have access to Brain Pop. Brain POP engages students through animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, primary source activities, concept mapping, and more.  The program has science, social studies, English, math, engineering, health and arts activities to help students be successful in a variety of subjects. 


    Math Resources:

    Go Math Textbook

    Students can access through their math textbook by logging into their student desktop. 


    Khan Academy

    This resource provides you video tutorials and math practice problems. 


    IXL-Interactive learning site

    This website provides you interactive practice questions for each math skill.  It also includes practice in ELA, Science, and Social Studies.