Cooperative Education

  • Steps for completing required paperwork for OJT classes:


    Before a student is scheduled into an OJT class, he/she must complete the OJT Application, Student/Parent Agreement and Employer's Agreement and submit to Jody Alexander in D135.

    This application will be used by your OJT coordinator to determine if your current job qualifies you to take an OJT course (per Florida state law). No student will be approved for an OJT class without the completed paperwork.

    Keep in mind that you must

    • Work 5 hours per week for each OJT credit you are receiving.
    • Work for an employer who carries Workman's Comp Insurance. (You cannot be self-employed.)
    • Be supervised by a non-family member. 


    Once your job has been approved by Mrs. Shockley, your guidance counselor will schedule you into the course. (If, for some reason, you are scheduled into the course and you have NOT completed the above application, it is YOUR responsibility to complete it immediately so your employment can be verified. Failure to do so, could result in your not receiving credit for the OJT class!) 


    Once you have OJT on your schedule, it is YOUR responsibility to meet with Mrs. Shockley. She is most accessible before school in her office. D135 from 8:00 am to 12:30.  Failure to meet with her within one week of being scheduled into OJT will result in you being removed from the OJT classes. 


    You are required to keep your time sheet up to date at all times (at least weekly). Time sheets are due at progress report and at report cards.


    ALL timesheets are to be completed using the provided Excel spreadsheet (NO handwritten timesheets will be accepted). This sheet automatically calculates all hours AND automatically includes all breaks required by law, depending on your age.

    If you do not have access to a computer at home, you may use the computers in the media center before or in D135.

    If you have home computer access but do not have Excel, you can complete the form at home, using your FREE Live@EDU account (provided to all MCPS students). Follow instructions provided to access your Live@EDU account.


    For questions, see Mrs. Shockley in D135, email her at Kathy Shockley.