AICE Curriculum

  • Mathematics 
    Pre-AICE/IGCSE  Math 1 (Equivalent to Algebra 1 Honors)
    Pre-AICE/IGCSE Math 2 (Equivalent to Geometry Honors)
    Pre-AICE/IGCSE  Math 3
    AICE Math 1 
    AICE Math 2

    Pre-AICE/IGCSE  Biology
    Pre-AICE/IGCSE Chemistry
    AICE Biology 1
    AICE Biology 2
    AICE Chemistry
    AICE Environmental Management
    AICE Marine Science

    Language Arts
    Pre-AICE/IGCSE  English Language
    AICE English Language 
    AICE Literature 1
    AICE Literature 2

    Social Studies
    Pre-AICE/IGCSE  World History
    AICE US History 1
    AICE US History 2
    AICE Psychology

    AICE Global Perspectives
    AICE Thinking Skills
    AICE General Paper
    AICE Travel and Tourism