Summer Reading List 2023-2024


    9th graders

    As an incoming 9th grader, one of the most valuable things you can do this summer is read. Read anything of your choice and then read some more! The better you read, the better you are at everything.

    Below you will find specific information about Pre-AICE Chemistry (which all AICE 9th graders will take) and Pre-AICE Math 3 (for those of you who have completed geometry). Spend time reading and preparing for these classes this summer and you will thank yourself in the fall! We are looking forward to a great year!


    Pre-AICE Chemistry Exercises

    See attached

    Pre-AICE Chemistry Polyatomics

    See attached (create flashcards and memorize)


    Pre-AICE Math 3 (IGCSE Math – for those who have completed Geometry or Pre-AICE Math 2)

    See attached