12th Grade Information

  • Welcome Seniors!

    Have you taken or signed up to take a college entrance test? Check out the links below to help you sign up for the SAT or ACT which is required by all 4-year colleges and universities. If you are planning to attend a community college in Florida, you can take the SAT or ACT but a third alternative test is also available - the PERT. The PERT is a computer generated test and must be taken at the College of Central Florida. There is no charge for taking PERT the first time if you get a voucher from your counselor.


    College Entrance Tests


    If you are a JUNIOR or SENIOR student who currently receives free or reduced school lunch, you are eligible for two (2)ACT and (2)SAT fee waivers during your high school career (not each school year).


    Career Planning

    Ever feel like you don't have a clue about what you want to do in college or even if you want to go to college? Try taking a career survey on the "Florida Choices" website to see what careers you would be best suited for.

    Click here to take a career survey on the Florida Choices website
    Click here to find a college in Florida that offers the degree program you are interested in


    Financial Aid

    Click here to view the official FAFSA (Federal Student Aid for College) website


    Senior News You Can Use

    Bright Futures Students be sure to go online to here to apply or check the status of your Bright Futures award. Any questions please meet with your guidance counselor.


    Bright Futures ID/Password Recovery

    If you did not receive an E-mail with your ID and Pin from our original meeting or you have lost it you can follow the below procedure to capture this information. Please be aware that your assessment will not be posted until the end of January!


    1. Log on to www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org/ssfad/bf/
    2. Under Applicant Quick Links (on the left side of the page). Click on the one that says “View Student Financial Aid History”.
    3. Under Forgot your User ID?, click "Get My User ID and Pin" next to Students.
    4. Fill in the required information – Social Security NumberFirst NameMiddle InitialLast NameDate of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy).
    5. Click “View My User ID and Pin Information”.
    6. Your information should appear on the screen.