• Career Pathways is a national educational initiative which prepares students for emerging/technologically advanced careers.


    Career Pathways combines four years of high school and two years of college in a "seamless" curriculum that leads to a two year Associate of Science degree in a technical field. This program begins in ninth grade with a rigorous and focused course of study which provides students with essential academic (mathematics, science, and communications) and technical foundations which prepare students with necessary workplace skills.


    Career Pathways prepares students for continuing their education after high school and for employment in an increasingly competitive and technical workforce.


    Students who complete the program of study and meet the specific criteria may receive college credit for some of their high school course work.


    For more information on earning Career Pathways credits, visit the Career Pathways page on the FHS website.

    • Culinary Arts
    • Criminal Justice Operations
    • Digital Video Production
    • Diversified Cooperative Technology
    • Drafting
    • Landscape Operations
    • Teacher Assisting
    • Web Development