Grade Level Promotions and Grading Procedures

  • Promotion Criteria in High School

    Students will be promoted at the end of each school year until they reach 12th grade (senior year) at which point the student will need to meet Florida high school graduation requirements.


    Grading Scale

    Courses taken at the high school must be passed based on the following grading scale:

Grading Scale

Range Grade Regular Honors/AP
90 - 100% A 4.0 5.0
80 - 89% B 3.0 4.0
70 - 79% C 2.0 3.0
60 - 69% D 1.0 1.0
0 - 59% F 0.0 0.0

Satisfactory Course Completion Criteria

  • Meeting the minimum state and district standards does not automatically result in earning credit for the course.  Satisfactory course completion is based upon an evaluation of each student's achievement of appropriate instructional objectives.  The teacher determines when a course has been completed satisfactorily based on the following: progress tests, classroom assignments, daily observation, standardized test scores, state assessment, attendance, and other associated data.  Satisfactory course completion is based on the student meeting the following specific performance-based criteria:

      • Demonstrate acceptable progress toward the state identified student performance standards as aligned with the Sunshine State Standards for each course used to satisfy graduation requirements.  Teacher observation of student products indicating knowledge, teacher tests, and other teacher-devised means can be used to determine student progress.
      • Demonstrate acceptable progress on the uniform performance standards as aligned with the Sunshine State Standards in each course as determined by teacher assessment as described in paragraph (1) above.
      • Pass each course based on the district-adopted grade scale shown above.
      • Maintain attendance as prescribed by school board and school attendance policies.

    Weighted Courses In The Determination Of Grade Point Averages

    All Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment courses, specified Career & Technical courses, designated by the Department of Education Course Code Directory, are weighted, and receive an additional 1.0 quality point value. In order to receive additional weighting, students must receive a “C” or better in the course.