• BHS offers a wide variety of scheduling possibilities to suit the individual academic ability and elective interest of each student. Varying student abilities and needs are served through the following programs and resources. (These programs vary from year to year depending upon availability of students and course loads.)


    Students are encouraged to take four years in a vocational area and choose a major.


    • Advanced International Certification of Education from Cambridge University, England - provides advanced placement courses for highly motivated/academically talented university bound students. see AICE
    • ESE Programs - several levels - standard and special diploma
    • ESOL Programs - improves communications skills for non native English speaking students
    • Business Program - prepares students for employment in the world of business.
    • Health Science Program - prepares students pursuing a career in the health industry.
    • Performing Arts - provides the opportunity for active participation in the fields of Dance, Music, Art, Band and Theater
    • Intensive Language Arts and Math - provides improvement for FCAT skills
    • ROTC - Air Force
    • BHS Tutoring - assisting students needing help with academic courses
    • Teacher Tutoring - allowing students to become part of the school community by passing on the possibilities they have afforded.


    Mandatory revisions guarantee that the ESE and ESOL students at BHS are well taken care of. Higher level students have options such as mentoring, AICE classes and part-time or full-time dual enrollment. The majority of BHS students find their niche in a traditional manner or through one of our alternative programs.


    Florida Virtual Classes are available to students for credits in many areas.


    Career Academy at CF - (seniors only, own transportation required) designed for students to enter the workplace, military or post-secondary certificate program upon graduation. Academic classes are taken in the morning and students work at jobs receiving pay and school credit for the remainder of the day.


    Students not successful in a traditional high school setting are encouraged to participate in of our many alternative programs. Classes before, during and after school are available to help students add credits to their grade history.


    Other county programs such as Community Education may also be referred as an alternative program.


    From the first step into high school to graduation day, the Belleview High School Guidance Counselor team exhausts every possibility to ensure the best educational experience for every BHS student.


    Official Records

    Your child's cumulative records are housed in the Guidance Office. If you need to review anything in your child's folder, please call for an appointment to have someone review the contents with you. If you need copies of documents in your child's folder, please call ahead and we will try and have it ready for you to pick up or send it home with your child. If you request more than two copies, a charge will be assessed at five cents per copy.


    *If you are a non-custodial parent who wishes to have copies of report cards or interim reports please send a self-addressed stamped business envelope to the Guidance Office and we will mail them home to you.



    To find information on how to enroll, or withdraw, your child please click Enrollment & Withdrawal Process under 'PARENT INFO' in the menu bar.