Counseling Plan

  • BHS’s Comprehensive Counseling Plan

    • Driven by the needs of the student body;
    • Led by a flexible staff dedicated to going the "extra mile";
    • Individualized for students - four-year plan based on test scores, teacher recommendations and parent input;
    • And influenced by a seamless transition from grade to grade and program to program.


    9th Grade

    Students are assessed through FSA scores, teacher recommendations and parent/counselor discussions. The assessments at the end of this year will determine whether summer school is needed.


    Maximized learning climate and future goals facilitated through efforts by counselors who continuously monitor and change schedules as needed.


    Counselors develop a 4-year portfolio and conduct several classroom visitations throughout the year.


    10th Grade

    Guided by counselor judgment, students may choose their own schedules based on grades, test scores and parent/teacher in-put. PSAT and FSA move the students through the process. End of the year course exams are crucial for success.


    11th Grade

    Students begin to determine post-secondary plans. Counselors have gathered necessary data to guide each student toward the best program of study to meet their goals. Appropriate course work and standardized testing are tools used to move students through this process.


    ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and PERT are available. PSAT is encouraged for students eligible for National Merit/Hispanic Scholarships. SAT and ACT are encouraged for students during the second semester. This is when Dual Enrollment begins its process.


    12th Grade

    The process is continued to meet post-secondary plans. Click here for a Financial Aid powerpoint.