Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology (EMIT)

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    The Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology (EMIT) is located on the campus of Forest High School. EMIT is an Engineering Magnet program created from a $1.2 million Florida Department of Education grant in 1994.



    One of the occupational areas that addresses tomorrow’s economic climate is the area of engineering and applied technology.  Technology has transformed our world and engineers will need to unlock the power of nature and put it to work for us.  As our daily lives grow more technology-based, we will increasingly rely on the knowledge and leadership of the engineering and technology fields.  Engineers are problem-solvers who must make critical and responsible decisions understanding how science, technology, and society interact.  They take the principles of science and mathematics and use them to accomplish the job.  This is the vision of the Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology (EMIT).


    Our mission is to prepare students to enter postsecondary colleges or universities in engineering, by implementing instructional strategies that incorporate technology as a part of our hands-on, rigorous academic (Honors and AP), integrated curriculum, using authentic problem-solving tasks that culminate in a presentation, construction, and defense in all fields of engineering during their four years in EMIT. Our program of study, which are timely and relevant, meet 21st Century Skills and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education goals. EMIT is a place where students are challenged to think, to become active participants in the learning process, and to integrate knowledge with its use, so that every student is successful.