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  • Hello, Parents and Tiger Cubs!

     I hope you all are staying safe!!!

     Physical Education Assignment for Grades K-1 April 6- April 10, 2020 . Physical Education Assignment for Grade 2 April 13 - April 17, 2020



    No Equipment needed


    Create an activity area.


    Jumping Jacks - Do Ten  (10)

    Windmills - Do Ten (10)

    Toe Belly Backs - Do Ten (10)

    Ski Jumps - Do Ten (10)

    Overhead Claps - Do Ten (10)

    8 Bends - Count Down

    8 Hops  - Count Down

    Do jogging in place for 30 seconds

    Do V - Jumps for 30 seconds

    Complete the list of all exercises Five times!!!

    Send an Email to me @ when you have completed this activity. If you have questions please do not hesitate to e - mail me. I will try to reply in a timely manner!

    Make sure to keep moving and learning everyday!!