• 14th Annual Florida SpringsFest 2016

    Florida Springs Fest 2016

    Students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade submitted over 123 pieces of artwork in the 14th Annual Florida SpringsFest 2016. During the month of March, submissions were on display at the Dunnellon Public Library and the Headquarters of Marion County Public Library. Visitors to these locations were invited to judge the art.

     Congratulations to Sydney Gledden, 7th grade, for winning 2nd place! Sydney received a ribbon and gift certificate. Her artwork, featured above along with all of the winners this year, was also on display at the Silver Springs State Park the weekend of March 19th.

    Great job, Sydney!


    1,000 AR Points!


    Congratulations to Sydney Gledden (left) and Cristian Pinargote (right) for earning 1,000 AR points!

    Each of these 7th grade students has read over 70 books this year!