Welcome to English, Language Arts, Writing, and Social Studies!

  •  Hello,

         I am Mrs. Dunn and I welcome you and your child to an exciting year of learning! Did you know that reading is the key to understanding and being able to master all other subjects? I encourage students to read a variety of books daily at home for about 30-45 minutes. In 5th grade, we will be reading more non-fiction, informational texts than in previous years. It is my goal this year to prepare your child for middle school with a strong foundation. This occurs when students develop certain "habits of mind" according to Costa and Kallick who have done research on children for many years. Some of these habits are: persistence, thinking and communicating with precision and clarity, striving for accuracy, questioning and posing problems, applying past knowledge to new situations, remaining open to continuous learning, and finding humor. I promise to do my best for your child.

    Mrs. Sibbitt and myself will be Team Teaching this school year. Mrs. Sibbitt will teach your child Science and Math. I will teach English Language Arts and Social Studies. Our schedule is as follows:

    Mrs. Dunn's Homeroom:

    7:45-9:45 English Language Arts & Social Studies

    9:45-10:39 Triple iii and Enrichment


    11:09-English Language Arts & Social Studies (Mrs. Sibbitt's Class)

    1:00-1:30-Monday(Art), Tuesday(Lab 1), Wednesday(Music), Thursday(Lab 1), Friday(Lab1)

    1:30-2:00-Physical Education