Welcome to Ms. Launier's Math Class!

General Information

    The purpose of this class is to make us better mathematicians, learn the necessary skills to be successful in our future coursework, and, of course, to prepare us for our end-of-course exams.  As such, we will be working from bell-to-bell... learning new mathematical concepts, building on prior knowledge and practicing newly acquired skills.  The greater our effort, the better our results.  
    As Yoda said, "Do, or do not - there is no try."
    So, get ready to do some mathematics!


    Use the links on the left to find notes, assignments, and other information for your class. 



    Be sure you have joined my class in Khan Academy because you already have assignments posted... Go to the Algebra 2 or Math for College Readiness Page for your class code.

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  • Online Assignments
    Online assignments must be submitted by 3:40 PM on the due date for full credit.

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