Welcome to the Library Media Center


    The Belleview Elementary Library Media Center will strive to provide opportunities to assist students, faculty and parents in becoming readers that effectively use and evaluate the information they read in order to be critical thinkers and collaborative learners. This mission is accomplished by:

    1. Providing daily opportunities to access materials and resources
    2. Providing instruction to students in a variety of formats
    3. Collaborating with teachers to integrate information skills with classroom curriculum






    1. Students in Kindergarten may check out 1 item at a time with a signed permission slip.
    2. Students in 1st and 2nd grade may check out 1 item at a time.
    3. Students in 3rd-5th grade may check out 2 items at a time.
    4. All books are due back one week from the date of checkout. Books may be renewed once unless there is a request for the book.
    5. There are no fines for overdue materials, however, students may not checkout additional items until the overdue books are returned or paid for. If a book is returned damaged the book must be paid for before continuing to check out materials.
    6. Reference materials may not be checked out.




    Gifts are always appreciated. They may be added to the media center collection, given to teachers or donated to students.  We accept gently used books as well as building items such as Legos and assorted types of blocks. 




    • TV News Studio - Our studio televises live announcements each morning.
    • Ocala Civic Theatre- author study for kindergarten and first grades.
    • Book Fairs - BVE hosts two book fairs a year. One held in September to coincide with Open House and the other in February with Bronco Night.


    • Sunshine State Young Readers' Award- Each year Florida librarians choose 15 books to be on the Sunshine State list. This program is open to all third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Students must read at least three books to qualify to vote in the spring for their favorite book using the county voting machines.  Statewide votes are tallied and the winner is chosen. 
    • Florida Reading Association is a reading lists of eight books for grades K-2 selected by the Florida Reading Association that encourage students to become enthusiastic readers. This collection of literature are some of the many books that we recommend frequently. 


    galeLogo.jpg Gale Databases - Research Resources
    Gale Databases offer an engaging online experience for information on a broad range of topics, such as global issues, opposing viewpoints, science, literature, history, and titles for suggested reading. The Marion County School System, through the Library Media Programs, is pleased to announce this new set of tools to support these 21st century learners as they develop critical thinking and information literacy skills. Gale online databases make discovering information engaging, simple, and fun for the user.


    No password is needed within the Marion County Public School System. See Staff for password for use at home.


    MyON reading program offers more than 6,000 interactive books for our students. MyON encourages ALL readers to grow independently. Myon is available by signing on through your child’s Marion County Desktop



    Students in grades 4 through 5 can qualify to try out for the Belleview Book Bowl team by reading and passing AR tests on 12 or more Sunshine books. The five member team will compete with other schools in the county on knowledge relating to the fifteen books.


    Belleview has done very well in the past, and we are proud of all our Book Bowl teams!




    Belleview Elementary hosts two book fairs per school each year.   These book fairs are a fundraiser for the media center but also provide students with the opportunity to purchase books for their personal libraries.


    Fall Book Fair - September


    Spring Book Fair – February 6 - Bronco Night – open during the evening for parents and students to shop for books together



    The book fair is open during the day in the Library Media Center from 8:30am until 1:30 pm.  Parents are welcome to sign in and shop during the day.  In addition the book fair will be open for parents and students to shop together during Bronco night. 


    If you would like to volunteer to help at the book fair, please the school (671-6100) and let Mrs. Boatright know you are willing to help. 




    The BNN (Belleview News Network) airs daily at 7:45.  Our studio broadcasts live announcements each morning.  The BNN News Crew consists of two teams of 10 5th grade students on each.  In addition 1 team of 4th graders will be selected to be on the BNN News Crew for the last quarter of this school year and the first quarter of the following year.   Selection is made through an application process.  The students rotate through the positions of Announcer, Anchor, Camera Technician, Off Set Producer, Sound Engineer, Computer Producer and On Air Producer.  One student is chosen to be the Director.  Students operate the entire show with supervision from the media specialist.   The purpose of our show is to keep students informed of the activities happening at our school.  Students are recognized for accomplishments and special guest are also featured on the show.  If your class is doing something special, let Mrs. Boatright or any news crew member know, and we will try to feature your class on the show!





    The Sunshine State Young Readers' Award program presents a list of fifteen books chosen each year by a committee of Florida librarians. They are chosen for their quality and appeal, and represent some of the best in children's literature today. Students in grades 3 through 5 are encouraged to read at least three of the books, so they can vote for their favorite. Every year, the author of the book with the most statewide votes is presented with the Sunshine State Young Readers' Award.


    Students can win prizes by reading more of the books. If they read 12 or more "Sunshine Books", they are also qualified to try out for the Belleview Elementary Book Bowl Team.







    Students in grades 3-5 across Florida voted for their favorite Sunshine State Young Readers' Award book. We will be voting for this year's winner the last week in March. Students who have read 3 of the 15 books can vote for their favorite book.




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    The FRA Children's Book Award is a program sponsored by the Florida Reading Association and is for students in Pre-K through second grade. Students read or have read to them eight quality books, and then vote on their favorite book. The votes are tallied at the state level, and the author of the winning book receives recognition.


    Students in PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, first grade and second grade have the opportunity to read or listen to recent literature that is considered the best in the state. Students also learn about the importance of voting.



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Media Staff

  • Mrs. Melinda Boatright, Library Media Specialist

Media Center Hours

  • 7:40 - 7:50 -- Morning News Show
    2:20 - 3:05 -- Planning / Teacher Services



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