Art K - 5

  • All grade levels will find their Guided drawing assignments on the web site  You can create your own login or use mine:  id:

    password:  Tom7747

    I ask that you complete 2 drawings per week.  Draw three drawings from the grade level selections and one of your choice.  Coloring is optional.

    Please take a photo of your drawings with your phone and submit it electronically to

    Below find the drawings for your grade level.  If you feel that they are too easy skip up a grade.

    Remember we always draw in pencil so we can change our minds and our lines.

    If you need the video to go slower, pause the video and go step by step at your own pace.  If you don't like your drawing try doing it over.  It gets easier and better everytime.

    Rubric check list:

    1.  Fill the page.

    2.  Follow the video.

    3.  Have Fun! 

    Kindergarten:  1. How to draw a jellyfish  2.  How to draw Love Monster   3.  How to draw Winnie The Pooh

    1st grade:  1. How to draw Bluey  2. How to draw Burple   3.  How to draw Scorbunny

    2nd grade:  1.  How to draw Bruni  2. How to draw Grookey  3. How to draw Thing1 Thing2

    3rd grade:  1. How to draw a wombat  2. How to draw Gus & Cooper  3. How to draw Dumbo flying

    4th grade:  1.  How to draw Martin from Wild Kratts  2. How to draw a Monarch  3. How to draw Anger from Inside Out

    5th grade:  1. How to draw Carl Fredrickson   2. How to draw a realistic Fly   3. How to draw a franken chicken

    4th and 5th grade  also watch the TED Talks video on You tube, "How drawing helps you think/Ralph Ammer" 

    If you have any questions, you can email me at