Coach D. Werner

  • P. E. Lesson for the week of 4/13/-4/17/2020  (3rdGrade)

    -Parents Please put your childs Homeroom Teacher name in the Email for grading purposes. Thank you.

    Acticity Lifestyle: A way of life which values physical activity as an essential part of living: physical activity is a part of daily routines.         PE.2.L.4.6- Identify benefits of participation in informal physical fitness assessment.

    Parents please send me an Email when you child has completed The Challenge.

    Fitness Knowledge: Today you're going to complete a series of 1 min. Fitness Challenges.

    (1) Push-Ups, How many push-ups can you do?

    (2) Stretch, How many Muscle can you stretch? Hold each stretch for 10 Sec.

    (3) Sit-ups, How mant sit-ups can you do?

    (4) Pass and Catch, How many times can you pass and catch a ball from your partner?

    (5) Water, Make sure to stay Hydrated.

    (6) Jump and Think, How many names of fruit can you name while jumping rope.

    (7) Exercises Band Curls, How many curls can you do with the Exercise Band?

    (8) Ball Plank, How long can you hold a plank on the exercise ball?

    (9) Balance and Think, Balance on one foot. How many Vegetables can you name?

    (10) Jump Rope Tricks, How many tricks can you do with a jump rope?

    (11) Heart Rate, Take your pulse for 1 full min. How many beats did you count?

    (12) Fitness Knowledge, Take time to talk to someone about Physical Fitness.