School Choice, Magnet Programs, and Student Records

School Choice, Magnet Programs, and Student Records

  • Our Mission Statement : Data Accuracy Insures Success

    The department coordinates federal and state mandates, school board policy and district vision in a comprehensive model of customer-friendly service provision. 


    Our Duties and Responsibilities

    The duties and responsibilities currently performed by the School Choice and Magnet Programs Department are extensive:


    District Planning

      • Student Assignment
      • Student Reassignment
      • Process in-coming international students (I-20)
      • Develop proposals for new school attendance boundaries
      • Develop proposals for revisions to existing school attendance boundaries
      • Develop school attendance area maps
      • Assist training personnel on mapping
      • Liaison with Site Selection Committee
      • Provide school attendance maps to the public
      • Develop or revise School Board Member Districts
      • State Statute interpretation
      • State Board Rule interpretation
      • School Board Policy interpretation
      • School Board Policy development and revision (as relates to student assignments)

    Manage all student records -- (past & present):

      • State liaison for local records management.
      • Maintain and manage records archive at four sites throughout the district
      • Retrieve archived records in response to requests for transcripts, social security, etc.
      • Manage authorized destruction of confidential and other records
      • Assist training personnel on district student records procedures
      • Process (copying, mailing) student record requests from other school districts
      • Process (copying, mailing) student record requests from higher education agencies
      • Conversion of existing records into optical disk storage
      • Process individual walk-in requests for transcripts / educational
      • Process records in accordance with subpoena duces tecum for court proceedings
      • Testify to the authenticity of records produced in accordance with subpoena duces tecum
      • Management, destruction and archive of district records
      • Information processing for DCF, Kid Central, and local law enforcement agencies
      • Graduation verification for employers

    DOE Forms Control liaison

      • Manage numbering system for forms revisions / new forms
      • Chairperson, Instructional Calendar Committee