• Welcome Students!  I really miss you, and am looking forward to the day we can be together at school again!  

    Here is some basic information during this distance learning period.  This period is defined as April 1 through May 1.  These dates are subject to change depending on our president's or governor's decisions in the coming days!

    ZOOM MEETING is scheduled for Friday, April 3, 2020 to talk about your work for the week.  You will need to log into Google Classroom through your student portal for the invitation. 

    12:30 will be for my homeroom class (Early Birds),

    1:00 will be for Mrs. Carter's homeroom class (Night Owls)

    We will be able to see each other and have a time to talk and connect. 

    Please visit Google Classroom for your Zoom Mystery Passcode to get in!

    The students will log in to the portal and sign into their Google account.  

    The only way they can get to the zoom meeting is through the Google Classroom. Please check in with Google Classroom and let me know you are in on the streaming page under "Check In" message. 


    We will start our "official" online learning on April 1, and you will find your assignments on Google Classroom.  Mrs. Carter and I are sharing the same Google classroom to make it easier for you.  

    Tasks will be posted on Mondays and will be due the following Monday morning.

    Your daily or weekly expectations are:

    45 minutes of iReady reading WEEKLY

    45 minutes of iReady math WEEKLY

    20 minutes of reading independently or with family DAILY

    3 tasks in ELA/Writing WEEKLY

    3 tasks in Math WEEKLY

    1 task in SCIENCE WEEKLY


    2 special area classes WEEKLY (see schedule below)

    My working hours are 8:00 to 3:00 each day.  You can email or call with any questions you may have, and I will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours. 

    Please email me at susan.townsend@marion.k12.fl.us.

    Call me on Google voice at 352-462-1819.


    Week of April 1:  music and computer

    Week of April 6:  art and p.e.

    Week of April 13:  science lab and Makerspace

    After this, the cycle will continue in the same order.