COVID Virtual School

  • Parents as we embark on this journey in virtual education, I ask that you maintain open lines of communication and support.  Please be advised that my cell phone number is posted in class dojo for the ease of access to me.  If you have not signed up for class dojo please email me to get further information on how to sign up using your students code.  


    My instructional activies will be found in Google Classroom so please make sure to have your child log into their MCPS Desktop and use the code below to link to my class.  All of my students should be very aware of how to use Google Classroom, as we used it very frequently in class throughout the year.  Once logged in, all students will be able to view the assignments expected for completion each week.  I will have other directives available there as well.  Again, please join class dojo as soon as possible in order to retrieve my cell phone number for easier communication between myself and my students.


    Bryant's Office Hours- Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (I may be reached via email, google classroom messaging, classdojo and text)


    SPECIALS Schedule for all of 5th grade. Students will need to visit the appropriate special area teacher's webpage to retrieve assignments.

    April 1-3 PE with any coach (Neal or Gerace)

    April 6-10 Music (Ben Judah)

    April 13-17 Art (Headley)

    April 20-24 PE with any coach

    April 27-May 1 Music


    Below are the Google Classroom Codes.  Please only sign-in to the code of your child's homeroom teacher.  These are not codes for you to access their other teachers.



    Bryant- kf5g5fk

    Fenstamaker- biwudf7

    Ferrell- qbvmhhq

    Johnson- j4louet

    Karr- udrxbp7



    Karr's Homeroom students ONLY- namwdmq

    Bryant, Fenstamaker, Ferrell, Johnson Homeroom students- 2divs7w