• Things I need to do FIRST:


    1.) Log into your Google Classroom Account. You can find it on your student desktop.

    The codes are:

              xz25uwt FOR THE AM CLASS

              u7nqpc6 FOR THE PM CLASS.



    When you log in for the first time, please make sure to find my message on that front page and leave me a comment so that I know you figured it out! :)


    (Better directions can be found under "Login Information")




    2.) Log into your Readworks account. You have to type it in the address bar at the top of your internet screen.


            1. Go to www.readworks.org/student

            2. Sign in with your Google account.

            3. Students enter class code: 

                           QEVGNW FOR AM CLASS

                           FSGPMM FOR PM CLASS


    3.) Go look at your other Assignments. You can try to get started with them.