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  • About Hammet L. Bowen, Jr. Elementary 

    Hammet L. Bowen Jr.


    Vision Statement

    At Hammett L. Bowen Jr. Elementary, everyone works together to build relationships in order to provide rigorous and relevant learning for ALL students.

    Mission Statement

    At Hammett L. Bowen Jr. Elementary, our mission is to build a school that will focus on success; a school that celebrates diversity while strengthening the common thread that binds us. Hammett L. Bowen Jr. Elementary school will become a model for a strong school and community program dedicated to building the "whole child."

    History and Profile

    Hammett L. Bowen Jr. Elementary, built at a cost of $20 million, opened in August 2006 and features two stories with more than 50 classrooms plus a cafeteria/auditorium, media center, music and art rooms, and a central lobby area dedicated to honoring the school’s namesake. Built to handle 850 students, the school exceeded its projected enrollment of 667 by more than 14 percent – in its first week.


    The school is named for Hammett L. Bowen Jr., Marion County’s only Medal of Honor recipient. Bowen died June 27, 1969, when he hurled himself on a grenade in the Binh Duong Province of Vietnam. His heroic actions saved the lives of three of his men, and he was just 21 years old when he died. Bowen attended and graduated from Marion County public schools.


    Drawing from an attendance area that includes rural, suburban, and urban populations, Hammett L. Bowen Jr. has a very diverse cultural, ethnic and economic profile which enhances the school's mission to enable every child to meet with success. A large portion of this diverse picture includes students from Hispanic, Asian, and African-American backgrounds; this ethnic diversity is also reflected throughout our staff. 52% of our students are on free or reduced lunch.


    Special programs to be offered at Hammett L. Bowen, which is a school-wide Title I school, include Accelerated Reader, STAR Assessment, FCAT Explorer, student video production, Young Author's Festival, and special literacy days which focus on specific topics with an emphasis on parent and community involvement. The media center also provides at-home access to on-line reference materials as well as resources found in the school media center. The Marion County Comprehensive Guidance Program is part of the school-wide programs offered.

    Colors and Mascot

    Our school colors are red, white, and blue. Our mascot is a bear.

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