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MBA Business Administration Fort Hays State University Kansas

Mrs. Melvina Cutright

I am honored and excited to share my knowledge with your 6th grader with World History.

History has special meaning for me as I was born on the 4th of July and my hands have touched the Statute of Liberty bell.  As a young child, I thought that the whole country was celebrating my birthday.  I am fortunate to have lived in Pennsylvania and have visited many historical places we talk about in class. 

I am respectful and sympathetic with your children adjusting to a different teacher along with the transition to Middle School.  Changes are never easy for any of us and especially when you become a middle schooler.  Please accept honorable credit that your child is growing into this transition and that recognition is due to your home training of civility and expressing respect toward others. 

Because I have been an employer in private businesses for many years, I know what employers expect from employees and that is to 1) follow directions and 2) pay attention to details.  Your child has been told that the expectations of these two thoughts is why the classroom is set up for training to be successful students as well as future employees.  I will be fair and firm with these expectations.

Our classroom has the Agenda and State Standards listed for each day’s activity.  Also listed are the words, EYES, EARS, and ENERGY along with the questions of WHAT DO YOU SEE, WHAT DO YOU HEAR, and WHAT DO YOU THINK.  Students are encouraged to have STICKY MINDS when a historical fact is discussed and is something they will need to pull from their minds when they complete their exams.  Your child has also been told that they cannot remember everything, but they are responsible for knowing where their resources are.  I am fortunate to have the resources of other history teachers and administrators who have taught this subject.  My objective for World History is to foster curiosity and spark interest in how our country has evolved from learning how ancient civilizations first began and how our society has benefited from those civilizations.    

To be successful, I need your help.  Please encourage your child to enter the classroom with their EYES, EARS, and ENERGY (focus).  Your child’s success is my goal.  Let’s tackle this goal together!