• Welcome To Mr. Milana's Class!

  • BHS Bell Schedule  This is the schedule for the face to face class here on campus.  It is also the schedule that will let you know when to sign in to TEAMS for each of your online classes.



    Welcome to Mr. Milana's classroom web page.  The easiest way to contact me with any questions you have is through my school email: thomas.milana@marion.k12.fl.us

    I teach Geometry, Algebra 1A, and Liberal Arts Math

    If you meet with me face to face (Periods 2 & 5)

    •  I will be giving you instruction in class as usual. 
    •  I will also be referring to the Microsoft Teams platform that the online classes are using. 
    •  I will show you where to find all your work, just in case we have to all go online. 
    •  This is also where I will have video recordings of lessons so if you are absent from class you can watch what we covered so you won't fall behind.

    If you have an online class with me (Periods 1, 3, 4 & 6)

    •  Everything we do will be through Microsoft Teams.  The school will be sending you a document with step by step instructions as to how to get on TEAMS.
    •  All of the notes, assignments, and quizzes will be on Microsoft Teams as well as live class meeting recordings.
    •  We will be meeting live through TEAMS during class time.  Please log in every class on time so that I don't have to mark you absent.
    •  Before every class period I will send out an attendance question. That question must be answered before the actual Teams meeting starts. This is how I will take roll. If you don't answer the warm   up, but show up for the live meeting, then you will be marked as TARDY.

    When it comes to Health and Safety concerns inside the classroom, that will be addressed within the next week when we receive information from Administration


    Algebra 1A Syllabus

    Geometry Syllabus

    Liberal Arts Math Syllabus