• Ms. Bowles

    6th Grade English Language Arts!

    Welcome to my Web Page!

    I will be leaving information for all of you, students and parents, each time I receive it from the Marion District.

    I hope you and your families are healthy and remaining safe during this health crisis.

    I am sure we will all gather in the classroom, soon enough, meanwhile welcome to Social Education!

    I will be creating a program called “Google Classroom” here you will find assignments to be performed, dates entered and dates due, but do not become upset if you miss your date!  We are all working on a new source and it may take several times to work it out correctly. 

    Some of you will not be able to join “classroom” so there will also be printed copies for those who need them.  These will be very similar to the work you do in the classroom.  Reading Logs I will try to prepare with the program, but I may just have you do them on printed filter paper and turn in at a different time?  We are not sure on that either!

    Monday I will be entering your grades, they will be printed this week and sent by the office.

    I should have work ready at the same time!

    The best way to reach one another will probably be thru email because I will be at my computer and thru phone I may miss your questions or needs.

    I’ll stay in touch!