Welcome to Life Science!

  • My name is Mr. Downing and I am very excited to begin a new school year here at Lake Weir Middle!  We will be diving in to some interesting topics throughout the year that have everything to do with living things.  Our curriculum is divided into six units: The Nature of Science, Cell Structure and Function, the Human Body, Heredity and Cellular Reproduction, the Classification and Evolution of Organisms, and Matter and Energy in the Environment.  This course strives to encourage scientific thinking not only in the classroom, but throughout everday life.  Hopefully by the end of the year you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the living world within you and around you.  My goal is that everyone will leave this class with a greater scientific curiosity and love of learning.  


    In addition to being able to find information on this website, both parents and students can join my classroom at Remind.com by texting the code below that corresponds to your class to 81010:

    Advanced (1st, 2nd, 5th period): @f3bdee

    Standard (3rd, 4th, 6th period): @9f8kgk


    Remind is an app that allows me to send out messages regarding any homework, upcoming tests, etc.