• MyON! Spring Break Reading Challenge

    Anthony Elementary is encouraging you to participate in the myOn Spring Break Reading Challenge Students please read the flyer in PEACH JAR on our home page. 

    Students have access to a personalized literacy environment designed to help them learn to read and love to read. It’s like having a full bookshelf at home.

    • Choose form thousands of digital books
    • Available 24/7, year-round for independent reading
    • Read at home, school, library, shopping, or in the car
    • Read online on any web-enabled device, including tablets, notebooks and desktop computers
    • Download up to 20 books at a time to read ourFree mobile apps for iPads, Android devices, Chromebooks, and Kindle Fire HD 


    Click here for instructions to use myON from home.


    Reading at home will make a HUGE difference in your child’s school success, so make reading part of your everyday routine. Thank you for all that you do and have fun using myON!