• Welcome to Mrs. Sherman's Life Science class! Hey everyone, I am letting you know all assignments are DUE NO LATER than 12 noon on May 27th for my class in order to grade them properly, get them back to you, and get them set up in the grade book. There will NOT be a final exam. Please make sure you mark this in your calendar. I am here to help anyone with questions on assignments, by email, or if you leave me your phone number, I can call to help as well during school hours or dinner time if you need. I am here, and expect everyone to finish strong! Last paper packets for students without internet is May 20th.Remember, students completing paper packets are responsible for the work getting back to their teachers. You can take pictures of the paper packet work and email it to me. 

    Cusriosity sparks interest!

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    Science is for everybody-kids included!


    1. Students that are looking for classwork need to visit Google Classroom for their classwork. 

    2. If you need help getting into the etextbook please see the link below at the bottom of this page. 


    See this for help with Google Classroom:) click here  or here https://www.marionschools.net/cms/lib/FL01903465/Centricity/Domain/13460/Google_Classroom-Connecting_and_Troubleshooting.pdf

    If you want the code for google classroom, you should not need, just in case.

    period1: 24udb7l

    period 2: rnvlake

    period 3: ip6ji2a

    period 4: ibb5d5b

    period 5: q3ycn2a

    period 6: Vxuaapjs

    Office hours are Monday through Friday. Tuesday after 11 am. The best way to reach me is email. If you would like me to call you please email me individually with the best time and number to contact you. 

    Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to access and write in your etextbook for use when needed.






  • May 18th is the day for students to pick up any items left at school.. If you think you left something in a teacher's classroom please email that teacher to make arrangements. 

    If you have any other questions regarding this message, please contact Mr. Carter.

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