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    Physical Education at home!


    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY as we move to an online format for learning the next few weeks.


    What are you doing to stay active? Let's get fit and healthy!!

    Each week I am assigned two grade levels for PE.  Below is my grade level rotation.

    I will also give the weekly assignment for the grade levels of the week.  


    The first assignments are simply completing fitness activites of your choice 3 days a week for a total of 50minutes. I've listed suggestions and videos under the Fitness Activities page. 


    The week of  4/1  4th and 5th grade will have a PE fitness task.


    The week of 4/6  2nd and 3rd grade will have a PE fitness task.


    The week of 4/13  K and 1st grade will have a PE fitness task.


    My PE classes are:

    Ramos Baumann

    Rangel Rodriguez

    Flynn Stanford

    Porterfield Johnson

    Kurtz Perterson

    Bennett DuPre



     Here's how you will record and turn in assignments


    Your goal is to be active 50 minutes 3 days a week. Be creative, dance, play tag, ride your bike, or take a jog around your house. You will record your activity on an activity log, take a picture and send it to me OR email your activities and email it to me by the end of the week.  Here is an example of your activity log on a piece of paper or EMAIL below: You will email me the activity, minutes, and name


    Activity Log Sample   Include NAME, ACTIVITY and MINUTES 


    Student Name: Coach Blye (your name)    Parent Signature:

    April 1st - Rode my bike for 30 minutes

                    Did a fitness videos for 20 minutes

    April 3rd - Played catch with my dad for 15 minutes

                    Walked for 15 minutes

                    Did a workout video for 20 minutes

    April 4th - Played a tag game with my family for 10 minutes

                    Did videos on GoNoodle for 10 minutes

                    Went running for 30 minutes

    I completed my 150 minutes of physical activity! 


    Email me your activity above OR take a picture and email by the end of the week to Makita.Blye@marion.k12.fl.us