• Bienvenidos to Sra. Sullivan's Pre-AICE Spanish I class!

    Course Description:

    In studying foreign language Spanish the emphasis is on developing the ability to communicate effectively in practical situations in all the twenty-one countries where the language is spoken. The four linked skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking are encouraged and expanded throughout the course. The syllabus offers students an insight into the Spanish culture and civilization. It encourages a positive attitude towards language learning and sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilizations. In order to succeed it is very important for students to attend school every day, study a little bit every day and participate in classroom activities. 


    Supplies students need for this course:

    • 1 inch binder
    • 5 tab dividers
    • pencil(s) - No pens please
    • college-ruled or wide-ruled paper
    • colors or markers

    Classroom supplies:

    • Tissues
    • Black expo markers
    • Glue sticks



    Sra. Sullivan